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Rules of Blackjack

Rules Of Blackjack

They know how to hit and stand, which is all you have to know to be able to sit at a table and not disturb the game. But most people don't understand the rules and procedures. They don't understand the other options they have like doubling down and splitting which are vital to beating the game. Please read on to learn more about blackjack.

Most people think that they know how to play blackjack, because most everyone has played once or more with friends at home. The rules for blackjack are pretty basic. Each player has a separate hand; each deal is a competition between the online dealer's hand and the individual holdings by the other players at the table. The players object is a point count higher than the dealer, not exceeding 21. A player or dealer with higher than 21 has busted and loses. An ace counts for 11 or 1, whatever the player wants. The player should count it as 11 unless to do so raises the point count above 21. The numbered cards (2 through 10), count at face value. Picture cards count as 10 points each. Suits and colors are ignored.

Before each deal the players have to make their bets. The online dealer then passes one card at a time, clockwise. The online dealer always gets one exposed card. A player with 21 in the first two cards has blackjack and is paid at odds of 3-2 unless the dealer gets 21 (a push or tie) where the blackjack holding player would neither win or lose. After all the players have received their first two cards the dealer begins the next phase, in which players who want additional cards (hits) are given their opportunity, by turns. The player is entitled to as many hits as he wants. Each additional card id dealt face up so the other players can see them. When you no longer need any more cards you then stand and show what you have. A player who has busted is expected to show his cards right away. A player who has busted is an immediate loser, even if the online dealer also busts. After all players have finished drawing and standing or busting, the online dealer then exposes his first card and either gets deals additional cards or stands. If the online dealer finishes with a bust, the dealer pays even money off to the players who did not bust and at 3-2 to players holding a blackjack. If the online dealer has not busted but with a point count of 17 or more, the dealer plays off players who have a higher point count and who have not busted. The dealer collects from those who have lower than the dealers hand and those who match the dealer neither wins nor loses.